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Band Profile

Henny & the Versa J’s was formed in 1972 but its true origin dates back much farther than that. Henny Jasiewicz, leader of the Versa J’s, began playing trumpet some 53 years ago in a Pittsburgh-based band called, “The Bell Hops” along with Frank Gibala, who still plays clarinet and sax alongside Henny today. Thus, Henny and Frank’s musical careers have been connected longer than most marriages! It all began when Henny and Frankie were matched up at very young ages (-9 and -11 respectively) by their fathers…Henry Jasiewicz Sr. and Leo Gibala (even though Frankie just wanted to play baseball!). You see, Henry Sr. and Leo played music together before their sons were even born! The Bell Hops were together from the 1950’s to the late 1960’s. When the group disbanded, Henry Sr., Henny & Frankie joined the Polish All-Stars for a few years. When that group disbanded, Henny started the Versa J’s. Besides Henny and Frank, Henny's son Butch joined the Versa J’s on drums in 1985. In 1995, Randy Koslosky joined the Versa J’s adding his accordion, piano, vocals and unique songwriting ability. 2007 was a year of change for the band when Chris Bogdon became a full-time member of the Versa J’s, contributing on concertina, trumpet, guitar, accordion, bass and vocals. Also in 2007 Steve Gibala (Frank's son) joined the band and plays clarinet, sax and sings some of your favorite tunes. The last addition was Mr. Erik Bogdon in 2008. Erik plays bass, concertina, accordion and contributes on vocals as well. Throughout the years, although the members of the Versa J's have changed, the mission has always been the same: Play great Polka music for the people. And after 35 years and 8 recordings later…the band is still growing and getting stronger.

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